Friday, February 26, 2010

Pinch yourself...

..because you might be dreaming, and if you're dreaming then you can't go vote on the newest shirt from PAPERBEATSSCISSORS at Threadless! Oh em gee! Check it out...

Kyoutan Tochi - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

An otherworldly rendering of a classic tale. Am I full of creative jello, or have I just been watching too many episodes of LOST? In an alternate universe, Lewis Carroll was Japanese, Elvis is president, and fried chicken is bread!

Oh wait, that last one is real. We really are living in the future!

As a special bonus, I've included an original rendering of the Kyoutan Tochi design so you can see it in all of it's many-faceted, star-kissing beauty.

And as an even more extra special bonus, check out the original art that inspired this design.

Part of the blindingly awesome STICKER PROJECT. Check out the facebook album to learn about all the little jots and tittles of that project.

Stay in school.

Until next time!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

You deserve this.

Don't feel bad for indulging yourself. Two posts...within two days! If Santa were real, he would be so totally jealous of me now, since you just received the two best gifts ever, and it's not even Christmas. I can just imagine him shaking his merry little sausage-finger fist at me in jolly rage, as he sends Rudolph to take a dump on my deck.

Ahhh, it already feels like December again in here, instead of stupid March.

Here's a little tidbit that I've been meaning to share for a while. A Where the Wild Things Are tribute... fabric stitched on canvas.

So adorable, and yet... so sexy. This might possibly go up for sale soon, or be included as a magical FREE givaway if someone... anyone.... will buy one of the awesome and lonely shirts I have for sale on Etsy. BUT, if that happens you will only know about it on this blog, so go tell all your friends to come here and then hit them in the head with a lamp so they forgot why they came.

See how we both benefit? Good.

Until next time...


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wow, this is embarrassing

There hasn't been a post here in like... two months.

You must be a loyal reader if you're seeing this, and I have rewarded your loyalty with failure. There has been no relevant, delicious news for you to soak your eyeballs in for two long months, and for that I am eternally penitent.

Although... they say that no news is good news, and in that case I've just given you two months of good news. A gift you undoubtedly squandered.

You're welcome, and I forgive you.

Don't worry, formerly loyal readers, I promise updates will be made full of savory knowledge soon!

Until then...