Monday, January 31, 2011


Yeah, just a goldfish liking something. But you can get the wallpaper here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just another day...

That I don't have superpowers.

Seriously, what's up with that? I'm as good a candidate as any. My only caution is that I would have to settle for being a Peter Parker sort of superhero instead of a Bruce "The Batman" Wayne type of super hero... AKA, a freak accident sort of superhero. I mean, if I had a million dollars, I'd already have a pair of nunchucks and a jetpack, and I would be custom ordering my understated yet powerful costume as we speak.

I just feel like, if you're not going to be a superhero, then why are you a millionaire? If the government were to develop some kind of system where they take money from millionaires and redistribute it to other incredibly good looking people with below average income so they can become superheros... I'd vote for that.

Are you listening, government?

Yes... of course you are. You're always listening.

My blog-to-art segues are sort of lacking, so here's a sketch of the Joker.

There's going to be some more free stuff on here real soon. I promise.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scarecrow, Snooze Alarm

My plan for this saturday was to get up early and walk to a local diner and have breakfast. Unfortunately, my overachieving got the better of me again. I set my alarm for 9:30, and didn't get up until 10! Yes! Success! If there's one thing I'm guilty of, it's giving one million percent to everything, and that includes sleeping. If I tell myself I will get eight hours of sleep, I may give myself NINE hours of sleep, in the hopes that I will one day promote myself to upper-middle management, and finally get that parking spot that's under a big tree in the lot. There's nothing bad about that spot! In the summer, it keeps your car cool. In the rain, it helps keep you dry. If it snows, you're the only one not cleaning ten pounds of snow off your windshield. I need that spot... no... I DESERVE it.


Ok, here's a sketch of "The Scarecrow" from Batman. Weirdly, I had to think about what animal to make him for a long time - until I remembered his name is Jonathan CRANE! HAHA! Oh man, I am such a n00ber.

Ok, this is more of a stork than a crane, but what are you, some kind of biologist? Why don't you go look at some tiny germs that are also the same size as your tiny brain!

But wait, first look at this sketch.

Now get out of here.

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sketchbook scans, obvious lethargy

I know it's been hard for you the past few weeks with all these posts more full of value and facts and less full of cool-as- drawings from my sketchbook - or, as I call it, the Holy Grail of Sexiness.

If you were a true friend, and not a betrayer of my unbiased confidences, you would know deep in your wrinkled, sad heart that I've been working on lots of super cool projects. Unfortunately, all the projects are still in the pupa stage. How could I subject their tender membranes to your probing, beady eyes? What kind of father would that make me? An un-American one, that's what kind. Do you hate America? Do you hate freedom? Maybe you should just go somewhere else to look and sketches and pee on the constitution.

So, in lieu of actual content, I'll just post some sketches from my sketchbook.

One of my "Batmanimals" sketches. Slowly trying to interpret all my favorite Batman characters as animals.

Here's some fanart for a comic strip by Cole Closser. Cole is super talented and possibly clean, even though he appears to like rats. You can read the strip the fan art is based on here. Check it out.

Keep checking back for some more random sketchbook work until I get my act together.

Until next time...

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Website, other boring news, etc.

So, sorry about the lack of activity around here lately.

I'd love to blame the holidays, but the fact is, I'm just lazy. I know your standards probably weren't all that high to begin with, but I think we all can at least appreciate the level of transparency available here.

Projects ARE forthcoming though. I promise! You'll just have to keep that flame of secret hope alive a little bit longer. Your faith... will not go unrewarded, and your disloyalty will not go unpunished...

Whoa, sorry. I didn't mean to suggest that you would be punished for not reading this blog. What I did mean to suggest, is Paul Bettany outside your bedroom window, just waiting for you to go somewhere else for your entertainment needs. Don't worry, I've instructed him not to kill, only to maim. And hopefully you've learned your lesson so we can all go back to being friends.


Paperbeatsscissors has finished a new website! The band website for Maps For Travelers is now up and running. Click the image to see the full site:

In case you're stupid, the url is These guys are not only super cool, but also make some dern fine tunes. Check them out, while you also receive a brain-chubby from looking at the awesome site. All the art AND webdesign are Paperbeatsscissors custom crafted. PHRESH 2 DETH!

And speaking of phresh 2 deth...

I know it's hard to process since you just had a mindblow, but that is one of the members of the band wearing a custom printed Mountain Man tee! Oh yeah! So awesome.

Until next time...

Friday, January 7, 2011


It's friday mother ers


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 15

To ring in the new year, you can have some real, actual, paperbeatsscissors NEWS. I know... it's kind of weird to start the year with facts and truth, but it was really my only option. Mainly because I was up late last night and I don't feel like writing anything.

Excellence! Excellence in everything!

Paperbeatsscissors came in SECOND in a sticker design contest hosted by Abduzeedo and Sticker Robot. Obviously, everyone was outraged that it wasn't first place, but in the spirit of Goodwill, and also the Salvation Army, I decided to let it slide. Here's the winning design:

Also you can check the post here, and express your rapidly multiplying outrage.

Until next time...