Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holy cow...

There are so many excellent things happening right now that I can no longer shield you from the super rainbow waves of greatness.

Which is good, since I've been majorly out of commission for almost a week with a terrible case of hives.

"OMG fella! How did you get hives?"

I'm glad you asked, semi-loyal reader. Mainly because my apartment complex has the most terrible water in the world.

Imagine an airplane full of dog crap and gasoline crashed into a factory that makes pennies and glue. Now imagine that factory was next to some sort of bog or swamp. Now imagine the wreckage from the plane-factory crash fell into the bog. Now imagine it rained a lot and the bog became a lake. Now imagine they put some pipes in the lake and pumped the penny-gas dog-poo water into a giant tank and mailed it to my apartment complex.

That's basically how I got hives.

BUT, I'm all un-itchy now and ready to get back to squeezing out some quality!

Here's a new Facebook addition:

There are a few new projects I'm cranking out, but we'll save those till tomorrow. And by tomorrow I mean "whenever this blog gets updated next".

In other news:
The first Mountain Man tee EVER sold like two days ago! It was bought by our new best friend, Olivia.

Yes, I know that's a picture of Chuck Norris, but that's exactly how bad-a Olivia's lucky friend is going to be wearing that sweet manly shirt.

You can still get your own Mountain Man tee RIGHT NOW at the paperbeatsscissors Etsy shop.

Last but not least paperbeatsscissors has a new tee up on Threadless, so get your patootie over there and score it!
Shapes - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Until next time!


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