Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sexy results

Finally! News that is actually newsworthy!

After months of slaving away in the wee, sweaty hours of the morning, I've finally finished one of the big projects I've been working on lately.



New York based clothing geniuses RUFFEO HEARTS 'LIL SNOTTY chose me to update their old website for them. The current website and lookbook are a V 1.0, if you will. The final version will be so mind-blowingly awesome, you're going to want to go buy one of these so you can keep it with you always, like an angel made of quality.

Be sure and check out the new web site, not just for it's magical and healing qualities, but mostly because there is a whole crap-ton of awesome clothing handmade by RHLS, right here in the USA.

Here's a little more about the company:
"Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty is more than a look. RHLS advocates for transparency throughout the entire process of making clothing. All garments are made in Red Hook Brooklyn by Mackswell and Sarah and a small team of seamsters, the "Hearts." Fabric is sourced from dead stock as much as possible or from local Mom and Pops Independently run stores in NYC."

Yeah, that was straight from the about page of the website, but let's face it, you people are lazy and I think we both know most of you weren't going to click the link without a little extra incentive. Geez, do I have to do everything around here?

Until next time!


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