Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time to start feeling better about yourself.

In way that only Paperbeatsscissors can make you feel.

We know you're tired of giving up on your dreams. Remember that time you wanted to start a hamster circus? You even bought the tiny trapeze and the tiny top hat for the hamster ringmaster to wear. It was, admittedly, kind of an obvious mistake to use your cat, Mister Huffy, in the lion tamer act, but it was a mistake that anyone could have made. Does one mistake mean you should give up on your dream?

Your best friend says no, and that best friend is PBS.

"Why is that?" You say. "I'm a failure! I can't even pee without getting a little on my pants!" Well, that's true, but it's a problem that many people have.

Just think about this: If people with barely functioning brains like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus can become famous, you can do ANYTHING you want. ANYTHING.

And it's in the spirit of this idea that Paperbeatsscissors releases two very special inspirational desktop wallpapers: The "If they can do it..." series says everything you wish your parents would have said to you when you were a child... and more. Just click the thumbs below to preview the images and follow the links to download.

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Get the Justin Bieber wallpaper here.

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Get the Miley Cyrus wallpaper here.

See, don't you feel powerful now? That's because we're committed to DIGNITY, EXCELLENCE and RESPECT. It's time to start following your dream again.

Now get out there and be somebody!

Until next time...



  1. The genius of this post hurts my brain.

  2. pardon me while i clean spewed coffee from my computer screen which happened when i read the hamster circus cat-astrophe.