Monday, January 18, 2010


Scared you, didn't I? Weren't expecting to see me again, were you? Well, you won't get rid of me that easily.

I'll admit it... I've been gone for a while. I made some bold promises the last time I was here... promises that have, as of yet, gone undelivered.


I , like the amnesic pizza boy who has suddenly recovered all of his memories after slipping in the bathroom and hitting his head on the toilet bowl, have returned to deliver the pizza of class and quality you, the fine reader, have demanded from me.


Yes. Yes I have. But you have to admit, I had you going for a second.

The Mountain Man shirt is officially FOR SALE! And not the bad kind of "for sale" like what happened to your pet monkey Chee-chee after it got the ape-rage and bit the mailman. This is the good kind of "for sale" that means you can take it home and wear it lovingly forever until it disintegrates on your pale frame and blows away in the wind like some kind of extra-magical dandelion made of rainbows and joy.

And then you can buy another one!

Anyway, here are some screen-shots of the shirt in action. And by some, I mean "a" screen-shot.

Once again, the shirt was printed by those most excellent purveyors of wearable art at Veil Arms Clothing. Love them. Also, you might want to put on sunglasses to help shield your eyes from some of that manliness coming your way.

The shirt is going for a measly $18 + shipping on Etsy. You can even click the handy Etsy Mini link right over there ⇒. But wait! Extra bonus feature! If you can see me in real life and I don't have to get off my rapidly atrophying behind to mail it to you, you can get the shirt for a mere $15. Wow! You didn't even know that kind of benevolence existed.... until today.

Now wipe the tears of joy off your keyboard so you can go show me your appreciation.

On a more personal note: I think I'm turning into a mutant. Either that, or I've had some kind of terrible curse placed on me by the tooth fairy that is making teeth grow all up in my face. This would be ok if I was a shark or something, but it gets hard to eat when you have teeth in your throat. On the upside, I've decided to capitalize on my new powers by applying to the Justice League. There has to be some kind of feisty too-many-teeth mutant niche that has yet to be filled... Now all I need is a terrifying moniker like Sir Chomp-a-lot or Molar Man, some kind of teeth-themed outfit, and I can fight crime until my head eats my face like this guy.

Ugh. Horrifying.

Until next time...


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