Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Wire, honeypants

Last weekend I went to Artsfest, which is like an art circus, with corn. There are lots of booths of mostly terrible art, some good art, and lots of food. One of the booths every year is a place that sells organic honey, and they have these magical things called Honey Stix; honey, mixed with other delicious flavors, in a little pixie stick casing. Knowing they were delicious, I bought three and, like a clever badger, I put one in my pocket for later.

Unfortunately for my new-ish pants, I then spent four hours sitting in a coffee shop working on a website. I got up to leave and my spider sense started tingling. "Wait," I said, out loud, to myself, "my butt feels slightly more stickier than usual!" And, upon inserting my hand into my back pocket, I did in fact discover that I had been honeypants'ed.

Then I went home and watched The Wire! Oh, and also made this wallpaper.

Highslide JS

Get the "Omar" wallpaper here.

I want to Google honeypants, but I'm a little scared of what will come up. Oh well, maybe another day.

Until next time...



  1. though you weren't brave enough to google image it i was luckily for the both of us the images were of some cartoon character lol

  2. Haha, that thing is still a little weird.