Monday, March 22, 2010

Revenge of the BEATS

More music!

More magical music for your membranes!

I've been very industrious over the weekend, like a chipmunk. Like a chipmunk that collects phat beats instead of peanuts. Here's the latest from the paperbeatsscissors phactory: all new, all original music. Lyrics and composition by yours truly.


Instruments: Acoustic, Electric, Bass guitar, Accordion, Tambourine. Drums are a loop, accented by my own little rhythms. Supple-ly supplemented by my own pipes. Feast! Feast your ears!

Bonus! Here's the first of a new project I'm working on: Facebook.

One pen, two pen, red pen, blue pen. Two pens, one face - in under 30 minutes. Trying to upgrade my portrait skills, so expect more of these.... IN THE FUTURE!

Until the future...


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