Friday, January 14, 2011

New Website, other boring news, etc.

So, sorry about the lack of activity around here lately.

I'd love to blame the holidays, but the fact is, I'm just lazy. I know your standards probably weren't all that high to begin with, but I think we all can at least appreciate the level of transparency available here.

Projects ARE forthcoming though. I promise! You'll just have to keep that flame of secret hope alive a little bit longer. Your faith... will not go unrewarded, and your disloyalty will not go unpunished...

Whoa, sorry. I didn't mean to suggest that you would be punished for not reading this blog. What I did mean to suggest, is Paul Bettany outside your bedroom window, just waiting for you to go somewhere else for your entertainment needs. Don't worry, I've instructed him not to kill, only to maim. And hopefully you've learned your lesson so we can all go back to being friends.


Paperbeatsscissors has finished a new website! The band website for Maps For Travelers is now up and running. Click the image to see the full site:

In case you're stupid, the url is These guys are not only super cool, but also make some dern fine tunes. Check them out, while you also receive a brain-chubby from looking at the awesome site. All the art AND webdesign are Paperbeatsscissors custom crafted. PHRESH 2 DETH!

And speaking of phresh 2 deth...

I know it's hard to process since you just had a mindblow, but that is one of the members of the band wearing a custom printed Mountain Man tee! Oh yeah! So awesome.

Until next time...

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