Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scarecrow, Snooze Alarm

My plan for this saturday was to get up early and walk to a local diner and have breakfast. Unfortunately, my overachieving got the better of me again. I set my alarm for 9:30, and didn't get up until 10! Yes! Success! If there's one thing I'm guilty of, it's giving one million percent to everything, and that includes sleeping. If I tell myself I will get eight hours of sleep, I may give myself NINE hours of sleep, in the hopes that I will one day promote myself to upper-middle management, and finally get that parking spot that's under a big tree in the lot. There's nothing bad about that spot! In the summer, it keeps your car cool. In the rain, it helps keep you dry. If it snows, you're the only one not cleaning ten pounds of snow off your windshield. I need that spot... no... I DESERVE it.


Ok, here's a sketch of "The Scarecrow" from Batman. Weirdly, I had to think about what animal to make him for a long time - until I remembered his name is Jonathan CRANE! HAHA! Oh man, I am such a n00ber.

Ok, this is more of a stork than a crane, but what are you, some kind of biologist? Why don't you go look at some tiny germs that are also the same size as your tiny brain!

But wait, first look at this sketch.

Now get out of here.

Until next time...

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