Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sketchbook scans, obvious lethargy

I know it's been hard for you the past few weeks with all these posts more full of value and facts and less full of cool-as- drawings from my sketchbook - or, as I call it, the Holy Grail of Sexiness.

If you were a true friend, and not a betrayer of my unbiased confidences, you would know deep in your wrinkled, sad heart that I've been working on lots of super cool projects. Unfortunately, all the projects are still in the pupa stage. How could I subject their tender membranes to your probing, beady eyes? What kind of father would that make me? An un-American one, that's what kind. Do you hate America? Do you hate freedom? Maybe you should just go somewhere else to look and sketches and pee on the constitution.

So, in lieu of actual content, I'll just post some sketches from my sketchbook.

One of my "Batmanimals" sketches. Slowly trying to interpret all my favorite Batman characters as animals.

Here's some fanart for a comic strip by Cole Closser. Cole is super talented and possibly clean, even though he appears to like rats. You can read the strip the fan art is based on here. Check it out.

Keep checking back for some more random sketchbook work until I get my act together.

Until next time...

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