Sunday, February 6, 2011


I know I have some loyal readers, but guess what? Internet has told me that some of you are MORE loyal than other readers. That's right! Surprise, mofos! I can see you! Apparently, some of you care more about excellence than others... and apparently most of those people are Londish.

What's your deal, America? I've always been good to you, and you betray me now? You would turn away your OWN CHILD? The one who suckled on your teets of freedom and justice, respectively? How could you? Let me just tell you, you're missing out. Overall you're missing out, but today, you're missing even outer. That's because I'm starting a new series of BLOGSCLUSIVE posts! Wooo! These posts are going to be filled with so much sexy cream you won't even believe it, and you won't find any of this stuff on the website. That's right, blog buddies only.

Here are a few Blogsclusive wallpapers for you to download. A few quick Mighty Boosh wallpapers I made a few days ago, but we're going to pretend I planned to make these as a reward to my readers across the pond.


Highslide JS

Get the "This Is Good" wallpaper here.

Highslide JS

Get the "Blood From A Cat's Face" wallpaper here.

Highslide JS

Get the "Peppermint Nightmare" wallpaper here.

Until next time...

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  1. These are amazing, and also frightening (the cat blood one at least)