Saturday, February 12, 2011

WP3: Postal Service - Such Great Heights

Oh my gee. This is the beginning of a THRICE DAY series called WALLPAPER TRIFECTA. This is where I'll be doing a series of three wallpapers based on something I like.

So expect one soon featuring your mom.

HA! I kid. Your mom sucks.

This WALLPAPER TRIFECTA is based on the music videos of The Postal Service. Day one.... Such Great Heights!

Yeah, so The Postal Service is so phresh, and their videos, also, are. Each of the videos has a very distinct feel to it, and I love that. The Such Great Heights video has that swass 1984 space pajama thing going on, and I wanted to capture that in my design. Also, the obvious attraction between the two main characters in the video got me thinking about a machine that falls in love with a human... unrequited love and allat, yo. So, I started by sketching my two main characters and then tracing my pencil with my weapon of choice, the Micron 005 Black marker/pen/whatever. Here are the final sketches:

The boy took about 1 hour. The machine was a solid four days worth of work. After I sketched everything out, I sexily scanned them into my computer and did a little Live Paint action in Illustrator CS5. The coloring was done with the Live Paint bucket, and took about another afternoon. After that, everything was dumped into Photoshop and I did the background and the text. The fonts in this particular design are EjectJap and Kenyan Coffee. Both are, I believe, available on

And here is the finished product. Download and enjoy.

Highslide JS

Get the "Such Great Heights" wallpaper here.

Until next time...

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